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School districts are charged with several crucial responsibilities that go well beyond educating children. They must also provide students a safe environment, security, food, transportation, and many other services. Schools can fall into a great deal of trouble when any of these provisions hit a snag. Insurance policies for Independent School Districts (ISDs) have to be tailored to the unique needs of entities as large as school districts for this reason.

The safety of schoolchildren is paramount to finding success as an ISD. However, should anything happen to a student or the property, the school district will need to continue operations despite these losses. Independent school district insurance policies help in these situations, giving the district the resources it needs to bounce quickly back from any damaging mishaps.

Unfortunately, it is not rare for insurance companies to deny coverage to policyholders who have made a claim. When this happens to a school district, it can be disastrous. Schools are underfunded as it is, and having to pay personal injury costs or extensive building repairs can affect the quality of education they are capable of providing. If your ISD insurance claim has been denied or the insurer is otherwise acting in bad faith, you may be able to dispute their assessment. A Dallas ISD insurance claims attorney from Smith Kendall, PLLC, can help you fight the insurance company for the compensation your schools need.

What can be included in an ISD insurance policy?

School districts have the responsibility of keeping children safe on district buses as well as on campus. Therefore, they can carry a great deal of liability when things go wrong. Insurance policies for ISDs offer a variety of coverage, including:

  • Coverage for Damage to Buildings
  • School Bus Insurance
  • Insurance for Food-borne illnesses
  • Active Shooter Insurance
  • Insurance for Field Trips
  • Coverage for Injuries to Student

There are many other kinds of coverage available to school districts. However, a great insurance policy amounts to nothing if the insurance company refuses to honor a valid claim. If you’ve made a claim on an ISD insurance policy and the insurer is refusing to pay out, you are surely facing significant pressure and frustration. An ISD insurance bad faith attorney can help you uphold the terms of your policy.

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Insurance companies are businesses, and paying out claims affects their profitability. This is why they’re so likely to handle claims slowly, make low settlement offers, or withhold payments completely. When it feels like your insurer has betrayed you, you need someone fighting on your side. Contact a Dallas insurance bad faith attorney of Smith Kendall, PLLC, at (214) 361-6124 to learn more about your legal options.

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