Is my claim covered under my policy?

Not surprisingly, this question is one of the first questions you will seek the answer to in the event the insurance company denies your insurance claim. While there are varying insurance policies sold in the marketplace, whether homeowners or commercial, it is essential that you obtain legal advice from an experienced and knowledgeable Texas insurance attorney if your claim has been denied.

Of course, some insurance claims are justifiably denied by the insurance company. However, the fact that your insurance company sent you or your business a denial letter citing a specific exclusion or condition under your policy of insurance should not automatically be accepted as valid, especially where you have any questions regarding the insurance carrier’s findings and conclusions.

For example, it is not uncommon for an insurance company concerning a property damage claim to cite the commone exclusion of “wear and tear” as basis for their denial of a wind or hail claim when the home or commercial property is an older structure. Often times, the insurance company’s reliance on this exclusion amounts to little more than denying coverage for almost any home which is not brand new and absent any all, whether or not relevant to the damage claim at issue. Such denials very often ignore evidence of “new” damage to the property unrelated to the age of the home or building, and which can be shown to have been caused by the reported (covered) loss.

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