Flood victims get relief from FEMA

Families who have been victims of the recent flooding in the stretch of Rio Grande Valley have started to see agents from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) begin the process of offering aid. FEMA representatives have started to evaluate the homes that were damaged by the flood. Homeowners who have applied for financial assistance were told by FEMA to prepare the necessary documents that will be asked for during the inspections in order to speed up the process as much as possible.

FEMA field specialist Alberto Pillot also advised homeowners to keep records of any renovations, improvements, or materials purchased for repairs as these costs may be reimbursed. Some homeowners may be entitled to assistance of up to $33,000 from FEMA.

The lawyers of Smith Kendall, PLLC in Dallas strongly believe that homeowners who are covered by insurance policies should be able to rely on their providers for immediate relief after a natural disaster, such as these floods. If you are struggling to recover from an incident that caused damage to your home, contact our legal team for assistance in dealing with your insurance provider by calling (214) 361-6124 today.

Avoiding residential fires

Many families are devastated each year by fires that ravage their homes. At Smith Kendall, PLLC, our legal team has represented a great many of these unfortunate families and individuals, and we have compiled the following list of preventative measures that you should take to avoid finding yourself in a similar situation.

  • Make sure to put smoke detectors at strategic areas around the house, including the kitchen and bedrooms.
  • Do not leave the kitchen while cooking.
  • Do not leave lit candles unattended.
  • Regularly check that your smoke detectors are working properly.
  • Make sure that fire extinguishers are readily available in the kitchen and in the garage.
  • Have your heating elements and radiators inspected regularly.
  • Cover your fireplace with a metal screen.

Though the tips mentioned here can be very helpful in preventing some of the most common causes of house fires, there are still situations in which fires cannot be avoided. In these cases, families should be able to rely on their home owner’s insurance to provide an adequate settlement to help them recover.

The lawyers of Smith Kendall, PLLC, in Dallas advocate for families whose homes are ravaged by fire. If you are in need of legal advise in dealing with your insurance provider, call our office today at (214) 361-6124 to speak to an attorney.


Infrared cameras installed in Austin to detect flood level

City of Austin authorities are utilizing infrared cameras to safely determine the water levels during flood, KXAN reported on November 18.

In a pilot project spearheaded by city employee Matt Porcher, the infrared cameras will be placed beneath low water crossings to take real time pictures of bridge markers during heavy rain, which will determine water levels. The first operating camera was installed at Bluff Springs Road in Onion Creek. The infrared cameras installed reportedly produce accurate images even at night and were designed to send warning messages of severe flooding to residents. The pilot project was initiated following the death of Travis County Deputy Jessica Hollis, who was washed away by flood waters while patrolling flood-prone areas.

Unfortunately, flood waters can severely damage the foundations of houses. If you have experienced this, insurance companies should immediately reimburse your funds needed for repair. If your insurance provider fails to fulfill their obligations in Dallas, however, the attorneys of Smith Kendall, PLLC may fight on your behalf for the funds you need. Call us today at (214) 361-6124 to learn more.

City of Austin continues to buy out Onion Creek flood area

The City of Austin is attempting to buy out all of the properties affected by the Onion Creek flood last year that remain at risk, NBC DFW reported on October 31.

City officials are still implementing demolition works to houses that found in the high-risk flood area. City spokesperson Wendy Morgan stated that they have already negotiated to buy 100 flooded homes, which will be demolished. Watershed Protection Department managing engineer Mapi Vigil stated that over 400 properties still need to be bought by the city due to flood risk. Last Halloween, at least three people died and over 600 properties were damaged by the flooding in Travis County. Some residents remain resistant to moving out of the area.

People are often devastated when their homes have been damaged by flood. However, the situation can be worse if insurance companies deny or delay their much needed repair funds. The lawyers at Smith Kendall, PLLC work for people in Dallas to immediately get the funds they need to restore their damaged house. Learn more about your options from us today by calling (214) 361-6124.

Senators attempt to delay National Flood Insurance Program premiums

On Tuesday, January 7 legislators voted to temporarily stop insurance premium increases related to the National Flood Insurance Program. If passed, the premiums could affect many U.S. property owners negatively.

According to reports, a group of senators are rallying to pass the Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act in order to delay the insurance premiums related to the National Flood Insurance Program.

Senators decided to support the Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act after receiving numerous complaints from property owners, claiming that some people would face a 25% increase in insurance premiums.

Though coastal regions are more likely to be confronted with flood-related damage, no region is safe from tumultuous weather. The attorneys of Smith Kendall, PLLC, understand that many people in Dallas struggle with high insurance costs. If your insurance company is delaying damage reimbursement after a storm call 214-361-6124.

Fire damages San Angelo residence

A San Angelo home was damaged after a fire broke out on Wednesday, January 8.

The fire occurred around 5 p.m on the 3800 block of Armstrong Street. A fire crew responded to a burning 2.5 story house. The road was temporarily blocked while firefighters worked to contain the fire.

Fortunately, no one was injured from the residential fire. Investigators arrived on the scene to determine the cause of the house fire.

Damage caused to residences by fires can be devastating. If your insurance company is delaying paying the money that you need to repair your house, you could benefit from legal representation. The lawyers of Smith Kendall, PLLC, help Dallas homeowners pursue financial reimbursement from insurance companies. Call 214-361-6124 to speak with a member of our legal team today.


Washington, Illinois devastated by recent tornadoes

On Sunday, November 17, a series of tornadoes devastated Washington, Illinois, as they flattened structures throughout the city and left several people dead.

Twelve states were damaged by the unexpected storm activity, but Illinois was affected the most. Commercial and residential structures in Washington, a town with a population of 16,000, were severely damaged by the tornadoes.

In the wake of the storm, authorities, rescuers, and insurance adjusters scouted the affected areas. State Trooper Dustin Pierce mentioned that one of the passing tornadoes was nearly one mile wide.

Unfortunately, receiving insurance payments after a serious storm can take a while. Insurance companies become inundated with claims, which can cause backlogging and delays. If you need help collecting insurance payments, especially from an insurance company that is acting in bad faith, after a serious storm in the Dallas area, contact the lawyers of Smith Kendall, PLLC, at 214-361-6124 to see what we can do for you.