Why consider hiring a public adjuster?

If your home has been seriously damaged by a natural disaster or other unforeseeable incident you will need to provide documentation to receive reimbursement from your insurance provider. However, for many, documenting a claim is an arduous task and they may want to consider working with a public adjuster.

Public adjusters are licensed professionals trained to make detailed documentation of the losses of policyholders who are eligible for reimbursement adjustments. Public adjusters are the ones who will make a detailed report and submit it to insurance companies to determine payments. Though adjusters mainly work for policyholders, they are usually outsourced and paid for by insurance companies. Regardless of the adjuster’s experience, policyholders may want to consider enlisting the help of another professional who is not sent by their insurance company.

If you are in a situation such that your property has been damaged and you want a public adjuster to work for you, get in touch with the lawyers of Smith Kendall, PLLC in Dallas. Find out how we may be able to help you obtain your benefits to restore your home today by calling (214) 361-6124.

Electrical short blamed in Dallas hotel fire

Dallas authorities recently concluded that an electrical issue sparked a recent massive hotel fire, a report of the NBC 5 reported.

According to reports, over 120 fire crews responded to the 6-alarm fire that ravaged the Grand Hotel near the Coit Road exit of Interstate 635. Fire spokesperson Jason Evans said the fire moved sideways into an open space just under the roof of the three-story hotel. Though the fire caused the most damage to where it started, other parts of the establishment sustained smoke damage of varying degrees of severity. At least three people, including one person in a wheelchair inside the burning hotel, were safely rescued by fire crews. All the tenants of the 65 occupied rooms were evacuated during the fire.

Commercial property owners who have their properties damaged by fire should receive their insurance benefits in a timely manner for a fast recovery. If you were the victim of property damage and you suspect that your insurance provider is acting in bad faith, an attorney at Smith Kendall, PLLC in Dallas may be able to represent you. Speak with us today by calling (214) 361-6124 to learn more about your legal actions.

Vintage house in Cisco destroyed by fire

A family in Cisco, Texas recently had their house destroyed by a fire, an article of Big Country reported on September 7.

According to reports, no one suffered injuries on September 6 after a fire broke out in the 200 block of CR 669. No one was inside the house when the fire broke out, reports also noted. Though fire crews from Eastland and Cisco Fire Department helped each other in battling the fire, the house that stood for 90 years was completely destroyed. A woman identified as Dolores Schaefer said the house was owned by her husband, who inherited it from his family. Reports did not release any information about how the fire started.

Completely losing a house to a fire is stressful, especially if all your belongings are also destroyed. If you were the victim of complete destruction, insurance providers should dutifully release your benefits to repair your damaged home. Find out how the attorneys at Smith Kendall, PLLC in Dallas may be able to help you receive the insurance payments you deserve. See how we can work on your behalf today by calling (214) 361-6124.

CGL policyholders irritated by construction error coverage loopholes

Construction experts are noticing that the loopholes in construction errors coverage have resulted in the frustration of many “Commercial General Liability” (CGL) policyholders.

According to a New York-based group of construction services claims, it is difficult to clearly define “occurrence,” which is the main term associated with filing a construction defect lawsuit. Policyholders may file a claim if an incident or occurrence took place as the result of poor quality work or negligence committed by entities. Another construction claims expert said that “occurrence” is defined differently in courts in different states. Aside from the confusing definition of the word “occurrence,” experts also noted that filing for construction defect claims is often a costly and lengthy process.

If your property is damaged due to negligence or substandard work conducted by contractors, working with a skilled attorney is a viable option to help you obtain the repairs you need. Find out how the Dallas attorneys at Smith Kendall, PLLC may be able to work on your behalf today by calling (214) 361-6124.

House in Denton County ravaged by huge fire

A house in the town of Hickory Creek was totally destroyed after a massive fire broke out, an article of dentonrc.com reported on August 30.

According to reports, no one sustained injuries in the fire that broke out at around 8:45 a.m. in the 1000 block of Hickory Creek Road. There were over 100 fighters from 11 fire departments reportedly working together to contain the fire that, according to some, is one of the biggest fires they’ve fought in several years. Lake Cities Fire Chief Chad Thiessen told reports that the fire was likely caused by an electrical malfunction. Fire crews had a hard time containing the fire of the burning 3,500 sq./ft. vintage house as there were no near fire hydrants in the area. Fire crews took more than an hour to put out the fire. According to reports, Thiessen said that the departments would leave the investigation to the insurers, who estimated that the damage done amounted to nearly $135,000.

In an unfortunate situation like this, insurers should quickly reimburse the value of lost property as financial assistance is needed desperately by affected families. However, if something like this has happened to you and you believe your benefits are being delayed, an attorney of Smith Kendall, PLLC in Dallas may work on your behalf. Find out how we may help you fight insurance companies acting in bad faith today by calling (214) 361-6124.

Two-alarm fire breaks out near Lake Worth

A house in Tarrant County, near Lake Worth, was recently damaged after a huge fire broke out inside, an article of The Dallas Morning News reported on August 12.

According to reports, fire crews were notified of a house fire on August 11 around 10:45 p.m. in the 6300 block of Rolling Meadow Trail. The two-alarm fire reportedly grew fast due to insufficient fire hydrants in the area. Fire crews from surrounding departments provided assistance in battling the fire. All occupants of the house safely escaped. However, their four puppies died after being trapped inside the house. Aside from the home, other property, including a boat, vehicles, and a camper were also damaged by the fire.

The attorneys at Smith Kendall, PLLC strongly believe that Dallas families who are victims of a fire should immediately receive insurance benefits to help them restore their homes. However, if you suspect that your benefits are being delayed or wrongfully denied, we may be able to work for you. Speak with us today at (214) 361-6124 to learn more about your options.

Flooding in Lower Valley causes property damage

Verde Circle residents in the Lower Valley of El Paso evacuated from their homes due to flooding caused by canal water that overflowed, an article of El Paso Proud reported on August 2.

According to resident Gustavo Garcia, nearly a foot of flood water entered his home through the back door. Garcia, who expressed his frustration about the incident, told reporters that he stepped into the water around 4:00 a.m. after he woke up. Garcia’s personal belongings, including appliances and some furniture, were destroyed by the flood. A manager of The El Paso County Water Improvement for District 1 said they will provide financial assistance to affected homeowners. Garcia is concerned that he will not be able to receive an insurance reimbursement because the flood was not a natural one. Red Cross is assisting local authorities in bringing help to affected families.

Homeowners who are covered by insurance policies should receive their benefits in a timely manner. However, if you think that your insurance provider is acting in bad faith, working with a lawyer is critical. Find out how a lawyer at Smith Kendall, PLLC in Dallas may be able to fight for your rights today by calling (214) 361-6124.

House damaged in Frisco fire

A house in Frisco recently sustained significant damage after a fire broke out from the garage area, a July 25 article of The Dallas Morning News reported.

According to Frisco Fire spokesperson Kevin Haines, the fire department received notification that a fire broke out around 5:30 a.m. in the 12800 block of Early Wood Drive. Nearby residents reportedly saw flames coming from the back portion of the house’s garage. One of the responding firefighters was hospitalized due to heat injuries he sustained in the course of containing the fire. Though all people safely escaped from the fire, officials estimated that the house sustained over $450,000 worth of damage. Authorities in McKinney provided assistance to Frisco Fire in battling the fire.

The Dallas attorneys at Smith Kendall, PLLC strongly believe that families who are victims of a fire should receive insurance benefits to help them quickly restore their homes. However, if you are being denied benefits that you deserve, we may be able to offer you legal assistance. If your insurance provider denies or delays your needed funds, call our office today at (214) 361-6124 to learn more about your legal options.

Cleanup still ongoing in Texas after deadly flooding in 2015

Some Central Texas residents impacted by last year’s flooding are still in the recovery process, an article of My San Antonio reported on July 12. The flooding last year killed 14 people in all and caused damages to thousands of homes, some of which were completely destroyed.

Some of the families who had their homes severely damaged in the May 2015 flood reportedly could not file a complaint against contractors because they lost the documentation to do so in the flood. The Selgado family, who live near the Blanco River, is one of the many families seriously affected by the flood. Their house still has traces from the damages even after being repaired. There were also reports of some people who lost their homes and remained homeless for several months after the flood. An estimated 2,700 persons in different parts of Central Texas filed complaints with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Emergencies such as flooding can cause serious damage to homes, leaving many families struggling to find a new place to stay. In times such as these, insurance providers should timely reimburse the restoration funds needed by families. If your home was damaged and your insurance provider is denying you financial assistance in Dallas, an attorney at Smith Kendall, PLLC may be able to work for you. Call us at (888) 675-3522 to find out how we may help you fight insurance companies acting in bad faith.

House in Houston damaged by fire

A house in the Houston area recently sustained damages after a fire broke out inside, a July 9 article of Click 2 Houston reported.

Information coming from the Stafford Fire Department revealed that around 9:00 p.m. on July 8, a fire took place at a house near Breezy Meadow and Meadow Gate. The fire reportedly broke out when no one was inside the house. Responding fire crews said the fire started in a room on the ground floor and spread to the rear portion of the house upwards to the attic and roof. At least two of the approximately 50 responding fire crews were treated for heat exhaustion at the scene. Fire officials said the home’s sun roof was seriously damaged by the blaze.

The Dallas attorneys at Smith Kendall, PLLC understand how devastating it is for families when a home is damaged by fire. If you were the victim of fire damage, your insurance provider should quickly and responsibly provide you financial assistance for recovery. If you believe that your insurance company is acting in bad faith by not responding to your claim, we may represent you. Call us today at (888) 675-3522 to learn more about your options.

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