CGL policyholders irritated by construction error coverage loopholes

Construction experts are noticing that the loopholes in construction errors coverage have resulted in the frustration of many “Commercial General Liability” (CGL) policyholders.

According to a New York-based group of construction services claims, it is difficult to clearly define “occurrence,” which is the main term associated with filing a construction defect lawsuit. Policyholders may file a claim if an incident or occurrence took place as the result of poor quality work or negligence committed by entities. Another construction claims expert said that “occurrence” is defined differently in courts in different states. Aside from the confusing definition of the word “occurrence,” experts also noted that filing for construction defect claims is often a costly and lengthy process.

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Apartment damaged by fire in Northeast Dallas

At least 10 residents at an apartment complex near Park Lane were evacuated when a fire broke out, according to The Dallas Morning News on July 19.

Reports said approximately 50 fire personnel responded to a second alarm fire at around 5:30 a.m. at the Calais apartment complex in the 9300 block of Slopes Drive. Dallas Fire Department spokesperson Jason Evans stated that there was a heavy fire in a vacant unit of the three-story apartment, and smoke was spotted exiting from the roof. Evans confirmed that no one was injured in the fire because some of the residents had already evacuated before responding personnel came. At least three units of the apartment building sustained damages from the fire.

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Houston apartment fire sparked by lightning

At least two apartment complexes were damaged in two separate Houston locations due to fire caused by lightning, a June 28 article of Click 2 Houston reported.

Reports said a detached garage in an apartment complex at Woodedge and Possum Hollow caught fire around 11:45 p.m. after it was struck by a lightning. Though residents in the apartment safely escaped from the fire, the garage, including the vehicle inside it, were both damaged. The second fire that was also sparked by lightning took place at the Morton and Barker Cypress apartment complex. The fire reportedly caused smoke damage in one apartment unit, while two other units sustained water damage.

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