FBI Suspects Insurance Fraud in Colleyville Homicide Case

In September of 2014, a 72-year-old housekeeper was murdered while cleaning a house in Colleyville, Texas. Now, after investigating the occurrence, FBI agents claim the victim, Anita Fox, was killed as part of an elaborate insurance fraud scheme. The victim was unaware that several life insurance policies, which amounted to 5 million dollars, were taken out in her name. In documents recently filed by Tarrant County District Court, federal agents claim that two men, who may be part of the infamous transient group “Irish Travellers,” committed the murder to collect on one of those policies.

In addition to the two murder suspects, the victim’s daughter and her husband collected millions of dollars through the allegedly fraudulent policies. Virginia and Mark Buckland, the daughter and her husband, are fighting to reclaim the money in court. Their attorney said they had nothing to do with the murder. The Bucklands, who have yet to be accused of a crime, say they have been cooperative with investigators throughout, even passing a lie-detector test.

The case is ongoing and, like most insurance fraud cases, involves a lot of complex moving parts. It is also the first homicide that Colleyville has seen in 23 years.