Irving residents continue to recover months after flooding

Irving residents are still in the recovery process after many of their properties were destroyed by millions of gallons of flood water that came from the city’s damaged water tower, an article of Fox 4 reported on December 2.

According to reports, six months have passed since properties in Irving were flooded when two million gallons of water came out of the tower. Area resident Lecreta Jones recounted the night of June 1 before flood water struck their area. Jones said she initially heard a “loud popping sound,” followed by water gushing into her apartment. Affected residents were then instructed about how to properly file a claim. However, the city will not make settlements for the residents because they are protected against claims. Jones and her daughter were homeless after the temporary relief they received ended. Jones came back to her apartment after nearly two months but was still traumatized by the flood.

Losing property in the event of a flood is a traumatic experience for any home or property owner. However, if you suffered severe damage that was out of your control, insurance providers should grant the restoration funds you need for recovery. If you think you are being denied of your insurance benefits in Dallas, call the Smith Kendall, PLLC lawyers at (214) 361-6124 for your legal assistance.