Dallas Fire Brings Devastating Loss

A five-alarm fire brought devastating loss to a Lake Dallas RV and boat storage facility. According to news reports from November 3rd, 36 storage units were damaged, many of which contained high-value assets. Motor homes, boats, and a limousine were all torn asunder by the fire that summoned the efforts of nine different fire-departments. Neighbors in the area surrounding the storage facility were shocked when they saw billows of smoke.

Among those who suffered irreplaceable losses was Larry Katz, who came to check on his boat after seeing the flames in the air. Katz’s optimism diminished when he saw how extensive the damage was to the facility, knowing that his $140,000 boat was amid the rubble. Now Katz faces the harsh reality that the rare 30-foot sports boat he had built in 2008 will be gone forever. Luckily though, nobody was injured by the fire.

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