Denison residential fire displaces a family

Firefighters in Denison, Texas recently responded to a fire, which resulted in injury and substantial property damage and forced a family of five to leave their house, an article of Fox News 12 reported on October 23.

According to reports, fire personnel responded to a blaze that broke out at a residential property on Cynthia Drive. One of the five people living inside the house, identified as Blake Hughes, 18, told reports that he and his family were doing household chores when they observed there was smoke coming from their garage. Hughes said he was worried at the time, but he reacted quickly to protect other members of his family. A younger brother of Hughes was given medical attention at the fire scene due to asthma triggered by smoke inhalation. Initial investigations revealed that the fire was accidental and authorities were still determining its cause as of reporting. Though fire crews were efficient in containing the fire, the house suffered substantial damages.

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