House in Denton County ravaged by huge fire

A house in the town of Hickory Creek was totally destroyed after a massive fire broke out, an article of reported on August 30.

According to reports, no one sustained injuries in the fire that broke out at around 8:45 a.m. in the 1000 block of Hickory Creek Road. There were over 100 fighters from 11 fire departments reportedly working together to contain the fire that, according to some, is one of the biggest fires they’ve fought in several years. Lake Cities Fire Chief Chad Thiessen told reports that the fire was likely caused by an electrical malfunction. Fire crews had a hard time containing the fire of the burning 3,500 sq./ft. vintage house as there were no near fire hydrants in the area. Fire crews took more than an hour to put out the fire. According to reports, Thiessen said that the departments would leave the investigation to the insurers, who estimated that the damage done amounted to nearly $135,000.

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