Homes in Arlington Heights affected by flooding

Water recently overflowed from a creek and flooded older houses in Arlington Heights, and many residents experienced flood damage in parts of their homes, an article of CBS DFW reported on June 28.

According to a resident, the flood level was an estimated 4 feet as it flowed quickly into garages, vehicles, and backyards. Houses on Western and Carleton Avenues were most affected by the flood. Residents in the area assumed the flooding would not occur as badly as it did, since the issue was addressed by a drainage development program that cost the city millions of dollars. District representative Dennis Shingleton reported that the drainage was designed to contain flooding caused by “normal rains.” Rebuilding the creek as a long-term solution may not be helpful, since homes in the area are considered high-value. The flooding problem will be raised to the city council, Shingleton also noted.

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