Hildago and Maverick Counties rank highest in number of insured residents

The urban county of Hidalgo and the averaged-sized Maverick County in South Texas have the highest rate of persons without health insurance with 38.9% and 35.1% respectively, according to a report from the U.S. Census Bureau.

With around one in four people in Texas with no health insurance coverage, the state of Texas is listed as the most uninsured state in the country as compared to Massachusetts with only 4.9% uninsured because of its policy of requiring residents to have coverage.

Considering ethnicity, income, and age, close to a million aged 18-64 Hispanic men in Texas earning not more than $23,000 annually are considered to have little chance to have health insurance coverage in the U.S.

Gov. Rick Perry has urged the federal government for an unconditional provision of all existing federal funds for Medicaid to Texas.

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