North Texas Communities Recovering from Trio of Tornadoes

An extensive storm system ripped through North Texas last week, resulting in the death of 6 people as well as extensive damage to a wide area affected by the storm. The most severe damage occurred as a result of at least three tornadoes which touched down in Granbury, demolishing homes and businesses.

The Rancho Brazos neighborhood was especially hard hit, with 250 individuals evacuated to escape extensive tornado damage, and 37 taken to the Lake Granbury hospital as of Thursday for treatment. The six fatalities reported last week proved to be the only loss of life, as all missing individuals were accounted for by the weekend, and life has begun to return to normal as utility crews have worked around the clock to return power to damaged areas. The majority of those injured were well enough to leave the hospital this week.

Unfortunately, the physical damage done to these areas will not be so quickly repaired, as hundreds of homes and other buildings were damaged and many largely destroyed. Scott Cain, Mayor of Cleburne where over 600 homes suffered some degree of damage and over 70 were destroyed entirely, estimated that it would be at least a year before the area looked anything like it did before the storm.

The power is back and the injured have been treated, but a long road lies ahead as the work of clearing away the wreckage and rebuilding what was lost begins.