Homeowner’s insurance for water damage

Water leaks can cause significant damage to your home that may be very costly to fix. Fortunately, many homeowner’s insurance policies include at least some type of water damage coverage, but it is important to recognize the forms of water damage covered by your policy before you file a claim for this type of destruction.

Water damage can arise from a number of problems. A few of the most common sources of this damage include burst pipes, plumbing defects, roof leaks, pool leaks, and overflowing appliances such as dishwashers. However, sometimes insurance providers separate these causes of water damage under two different policies: homeowner’s insurance and flooding insurance.

You must determine how the source of your water damage is defined under your insurance policy to decide if you are eligible for insurance benefits. If the cause of your water damage is covered by your insurance policy, your insurance provider is responsible for reimbursing you for repairs.

If you believe that the water damage done to your home should be covered by your insurance company, yet your insurance provider is still denying your claim, contact the Dallas insurance lawyers of Smith Kendall today by calling 214-361-6124.