Fire victims not fully protected by insurance companies

Property-casual insurers have claimed some of their highest-ever profits amidst some of the nation’s most disastrous tragedies. These insurers focus on damage to homes and cars.

Their high profits are a direct result of paying substantially less to policy holders than what they are owed. When purchasing property insurance, a promise to the customer of being “fully covered” is always noted.

Insurers often pay only 30-60 percent of the total cost of rebuilding damaged homes. A San Diego resident lost her home during the devastating California wildfires in 2003.  The cost of reconstructing a new residence was $306,000, yet the insurance company said they would only contribute $220,000 towards the rebuild.

According to a report in 2007, property-casual insurers recorded a profit of $73 billion which was substantially higher than the previous year. These profits stem from rejecting and reducing policyholders’ claims and paying significantly less than market value for destroyed homes.

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