El Paso Homes Devastated by Flood

El Paso flooding victims have begun moving back to their homes, but many say there is still significant damage.

On June 4, the homes of residents of Ramos Court in south-central El Paso were destroyed by flooding after a levee to a canal breached. The city of El “Paso has placed the blame on the El Paso County Water Improvement District. City officials say the County’s Water improvement District should pay for the damages.

The general manager of the Water Improvement District, Jesus Reyes, does not believe the agency should pay for damages. He says that it is up to the insurance company, Hartford Insurance, to take on the cost.

“There’s nothing else I can do for the people at this point other than make phone calls to our insurance company,” Reyes said. “Hopefully they will get resolved, the issues.”

Though Ramous Court residents have begun moving back into their homes, they say the damage is immeasurable and, though structurally sound, their homes have substantial water damage throughout.

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