Leona Church Damaged by Fire

A church in Leona was severely damaged in a fire Tuesday morning.

Investigators have ruled the fire that devastated Wilson Chapel Church in Leona to be arson. Authorities say sometime Tuesday morning someone spray painted graffiti on the chapel and set the church on fire before fleeing. The flames melted a large portion of plastic siding on the church.

Pastor C.D. Evans said he found out about the damage early Tuesday morning from someone driving passed the church.

“I called 911 and came up here and saw the side of the wall painted,” said Evans. “They didn’t take anything though. The doors were still closed, everything was still in its place inside. I feel like . . . if it was a thief, a thief would try and get something, but I feel like it’s somebody just wanting to do something for the record, for gang activity, that’s just how I feel.”

Evans said he can’t explain why the church is still stand. He believes the outcome is a blessing from above.

Investigators have taken the siding covered in spray paint in custody for further investigation. Texas Rangers, the State Fire Marshal’s office and ATF investigators are assisting with the investigation.

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