Flood Insurance Rates Rising for Central Texas Homeowners

Flood insurance rates will increase for thousands of homeowners in Central Texas.

Higher premiums are taking effect since FEMA redrew the flood maps, which put more homes in the flood plain. The new rates are turning out to be two or three times higher, costing some homeowners as much as a thousand extra dollars this year.
“It’s unfair in this economic environment to raise the rates so significantly,” said Andrea Blitzer, a Bellaire homeowner. “I don’t think we’re at risk for a flood, because if we flood than Houston is gone as a city.”

State Farm Insurance Agent Theo Franklin said his office has been busy taking calls about the rate hikes. Customers have several options to lower their premiums, according to Franklin. “They can get new zone determination,” he said. “They can get a new elevation certificate. They can also get a letter of amendment request through FEMA.”

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