Partial Breach of Levee in Missouri

A levee along the Missouri River in northwest Missouri has partially breached.
According to the Army Corps of Engineers, rising water levels will lead to a full breach of the levee in the next few days. The corps has predicted record flows along the Missouri River caused by steady spring rain and runoff from record snowpack. The Iowa National Guard has dropped thousands of pounds of sandbags to help support the levee.
Government officials ordered 600 residents of Hamburg, Iowa to evacuate their homes on Sunday after the breach was discovered. Iowa Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management spokeswoman Stefanie Bond said residents on the city’s southside were told to evacuate their homes within 24 hours.
Several people living in Atchison County have also been ordered to leave.
“People’s safety is our number one concern,” said Commander Colonel Bob Ruch, with the corps’ Omaha District. “We acknowledge the frustrations of the affected communities, and we are committed to working together to avoid the loss of life and minimize damages.”
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