Fire Destroys Colchester Home

A fire in Colchester on Monday has left a family without a home.
State and local fire officials are investigating the cause of a fire that broke out late Monday evening in downtown Colchester. Firefighters say five people were asleep inside the home when the fire began. A neighbor reported the blaze after she said it burned so high she could see ti from her home.
According to Colchester Fire Chief Walter Cox, firefighters arriving on the scene could barely see the house through the smoke and the flames. “There were people screaming and yelling,” said Cox. “So the incident commander had a lot of things on his mind: were there people still in the house? Did he have to transport people out there? He had to get the water flowing.”
Cox said ti was difficult to get water flowing to the house as the nearest fire hydrant was a mile away. Tankers were called to the scene to truck in water. It took six separate fire departments to get the fire under control.
None of the five people inside the house were injured.
The cause of the fire remains under investigation.’
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