Fires and hail damages homes in Texas

The extremely dry areas in Texas, due to the drought, has caused unfavorable conditions for fires. According to insurance providers, Hundreds of home across the state and two million acres have already been burned.

As of April, insurance providers were already at nearly 89 homeowner claims from fires and in one neighborhood alone, nearly $150 million insured losses were claimed.

Not only are fires an issue, by severe weather such as tornadoes and hail has caused nearly 676 homeowners claims. Recent storms in the Dallas/Fort Worth area caused nearly 1,715 homeowner claims in the area.

During times like these, it is important that your insurance providers do all that they can to help process your claims. If you believe that your insurance company has defrauded you in a time of need, contact the Dallas insurance agent liability lawyers of Smith Kendall PLLC by calling 214-361-6124.