Wind and Hail Deductibles

Insurance companies sometimes use different deductibles for wind and hail damage than they do for other types of residential and commercial property damage. Thus, when a policyholder files a claim for damages linked to wind and hail, his or her deductible may be significantly higher than expected. However, when this occurs, policyholders should still consult their policies to ensure that their insurance provider is treating them fairly.

Although an insurer is allowed to ask for a higher deductible for wind and hail damage following a storm, it must be explicitly stated in the policy. Insurance providers that arbitrarily deny claims for wind and hail damage may be acting in bad faith. Dallas victims of this insurance bad faith can talk to the attorneys of Smith Kendall, PLLC to learn more about their legal rights and options.

Bad Faith with Wind and Hail Deductibles

With certain property insurance policies, policyholders may be expected to pay a certain percentage of their home’s insured value out of their own pockets before they receive insurance coverage for wind and hail damage. Depending on the insurer, this can range between one and five percent of the home’s value. This is legal when handled correctly, but it may be considered bad faith in the following situations:

  • The insurer has an option allowing a property owner to use a cash value instead, but then rejects that option later
  • The insurer doesn’t have this type of deductible stated in the policy, but attempts to enforce it
  • The insurer enforces a wind and hail deductible rate after the state government declares a state of emergency warranting regular deductibles due to a natural disaster

In addition to these concerns, insurers who fail to properly calculate deductibles or respond to a policyholder’s claim may be committing bad faith against that individual or business.

Contact a Storm Claims Attorney in Dallas

If your home has been damaged because of wind or hail and your insurer has applied deductibles that aren’t actually in your policy or did so under dubious pretenses, there may be legal options available to pursue a bad faith lawsuit against the company. To learn more about how to prepare an insurance lawsuit in Dallas, contact a lawyer from Smith Kendall, PLLC today by calling 214-361-6124.

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