What Many Flood Insurance Policies Don’t Cover

Flood insurance is often a crucial investment for anyone living near a sizable body of water, as the weather can quickly turn even relatively calm, small rivers or lakes into highly destructive forces of nature. However, flood insurance shouldn’t be confused for a comprehensive policy. Most policies intended to cover flood damages may only actually cover very particular instances of water damage or may only extend to certain areas of a person’s property.

At Smith Kendall, PLLC, we believe that policyholders should receive all of the coverage they are owed according to their insurance policy. Unfortunately, many insurance companies fail to provide full coverage or any at all. In this case, the help of a legal professional may be necessary to obtain the financial assistance you need.

Limits to Flood Coverage

A homeowner should know the limits of their flood insurance coverage, as they may want to invest in other policies to cover what one insurer won’t. The following are generally left off of a flood policy, but may be included in some arrangements, depending on the insurance company and the specific type of policy the policyholder buys:

  • Swimming pool and landscaping damages from floods
  • Non-structural damages to basements
  • Living expenses or business losses
  • Valuable documents, including cash
  • Damages from internal water leaks, not external flood waters
  • Water damages that are too small to be considered a flood by the insurance company

However, if a flood does occur and the damages that are covered by the policy aren’t paid for according to the policy’s rules, the insured homeowner may have grounds to pursue a legal claim for those losses.

Contact an Insurance Claim Lawyer in Dallas

If you haven’t received fair coverage from an insurer after filing a flood damage claim, you may be eligible to pursue that coverage through legal action. Our lawyers at Smith Kendall, PLLC, believe you shouldn’t have to put up with bad faith insurance practices and may be able to help you. For more information about your rights, call 214-361-6124.


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