Types of Homeowners’ Insurance

One of the various kinds of property that a person can insure is their home. A person’s home is usually their most valuable investment, so it only makes sense to protect it with insurance. Homeowners’ insurance is paid to provide financial benefits in the event of various misfortunes which may befall the property or its contents. The terms of a policy will specify what is and what is not covered, and to what extent.

Commonly covered risks are fires, theft, break-ins, smoke damage, and lightning. If your home is damaged from something covered in your policy, your insurance company should help pay the repair or replacement costs. If they do not, they are acting in bad faith.

If your home was damaged and your insurance company refuses to fulfill its obligation to cover the repair costs, you may have legal recourse. You need a lawyer who has experience helping people collect tough insurance claims. The Dallas homeowners’ insurance attorneys at the offices of Smith Kendall, PLLC, are prepared to help you to pursue the policy benefits which you are due. Contact us at 214-361-6124 today.

Types of Coverage

Homeowners insurance can cover you for almost any situation that may occur in or around your home. Coverage can extend to:

  • The house’s structure
  • Your property inside the home
  • Liabilities that occur in and around your home
  • The costs of temporary living expenses if something happens to your home

Insurance companies provide all of this coverage so their customers can have peace of mind in the event of an accident or disaster. Unfortunately, sometimes insurance companies are more interested in protecting their own bottom line than in the rights of their policyholders.

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If your homeowners’ insurance company is not paying your claims in bad faith, you need an attorney to help you to enforce the terms of your policy. Even the playing field with help from the experienced Dallas homeowners’ insurance lawyers of Smith Kendall, PLLC, contact us today by calling 214-361-6124 to learn more about your legal options.

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