Structural Damages Caused by Floods

Floods can cause massive damages to a home that may leave a homeowner scrambling to file an insurance claim. These devastating natural disasters can quickly destroy or contaminate a person’s home, leaving them with thousands of dollars in damages and a need to act quickly to repair the home. In fact, one of the more serious types of damage that a home can sustain is structural damage, which can make getting prompt insurance coverage even more critical.

At Smith Kendall PLLC, we understand the kind of immense stress flood damages can bring for homeowners in Dallas, especially if an insurance company refuses to provide the necessary coverage. Fortunately, homeowners can fight for the insurance they are owed when an insurance company is not abiding by the terms of an insurance policy.

Flood Damages that Ruin Homes

In most cases, flood damages can be fixed through substantial repair and rebuilding efforts that a homeowner may even be able to do on his or her own. Although serious, these damages often don’t require considerable reconstruction or changes to a home’s basic structure. However, in the following situations, floods may have damaged crucial structural portions of a home, requiring more significant repairs:

  • Excessive water retention in the ceiling, causing a collapse
  • Water damage that damages the house’s foundation
  • Pressure on the basement walls and floors that causes substantial cracks
  • Destruction or contamination of weight-bearing structures inside the house

In the most extreme cases, flood damages may compromise a home’s structural integrity to the point at which the home is no longer safe to be in, as it may not remain upright. In these worst-case scenarios, a homeowner may need to tear down their home and rebuild entirely.

Discuss Flood Insurance with an Attorney in Dallas

If your property has been damaged in a flood and the insurance company has failed to pay their fair share of coverage, our lawyers at Smith Kendall PLLC, may be able to help you fight for those funds. To learn more about filing a bad faith insurance claim, call 214-361-6124.

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