Investigation of Denied Life Insurance Claims

Having life insurance coverage provides us and our families with the reassurance that those we love will be provided for in the event of a family member passing away. Unfortunately, though life insurance is bought by a good number of people, sometimes these claims are denied by insurer’s after a loved one’s passing. These denials, which are all too often unfair and unreasonable, can make an already difficult time unbearable for you. Fortunately for people facing this situation in Dallas, our team at Smith Kendall, PLLC, knows that many insurance companies unfairly deny life insurance claims and can help people in determining what steps they should take next in such a situation.

Unfair Denials of Life Insurance Claims

While some life insurance claims are denied legitimately, in a lot of cases the insurance company is guilty of a mistaken denial. Some ways in which an insurance company can make an unfair denial of a life insurance claim:

  • Not actually investigating an insured person’s claim
  • Denial based on little to no evidence
  • Deceptive practices in coverage
  • Insurance agent negligence
  • Trying to avoid more payment with underpayment

All of these practices could be considered forms of insurance bad faith and may put an insured person’s family in serious financial trouble.

Talk to a Life Insurance Attorney in Dallas Today

If you have had a life insurance claim denied unfairly, you can explore your legal options today with the help of an attorney from Smith Kendall, PLLC. By calling us at 214-361-6124, you can find out whether you are eligible to file an insurance bad faith claim and seek the coverage you believe you are owed.

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