Insurance Bad Faith When Coverage Is Rightfully Denied

When a person files an insurance claim after their property is damaged, they have the right to get a proper response from their insurance company within a reasonable amount of time. Even if the insurance company correctly determines that the policyholder isn’t necessarily owed coverage, serious mistakes and delays may still be grounds for legal action. If a policyholder, even one who isn’t owed coverage, suffers financially because of these acts of bad faith, they may have the right to pursue a claim against the insurer for these financial losses.

Insurance Bad Faith without Coverage

Bad faith claims are not necessarily tied to whether coverage was actually provided to the policyholder from the policy provider. In fact, these lawsuits may also be filed because the policy contract was violated in the process of evaluating the claim. For example, the following instances may be grounds for an insurance bad faith claim even when coverage isn’t provided:

  • Not being provided a prompt response from an insurer after a claim or follow-up communication is made
  • Having the investigation of a claim unnecessarily delayed
  • Unnecessarily delaying the denial of a claim

While filing claims for these acts of insurance bad faith may be less common, property owners who have suffered measurable losses because of these acts of bad faith should consider taking legal action. If successful, these claims may be able to restore certain financial losses, including interest on long-term losses.

Contact an Insurance Bad Faith Attorney in Dallas

Filing a claim for insurance bad faith can be a complex process, especially if your claim may require additional work to prove that you suffered financial losses even without being provided coverage. However, an attorney from Smith Kendall, PLLC, can help you better understand your rights and options as a policyholder in Dallas. For a no-cost consultation with an experienced legal advisor, call 214-361-6124.


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