Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Landscaping Damages?

Damages to a home may also wreak havoc on a property owner’s yard and landscaping. While homeowners may see their trees, bushes, and plants as a part of their home, these natural parts of a property are rarely considered an actual extension of the home. There are only a few instances in which a person may be able to request landscaping coverage, and only largely in cases where additional insurance was bought specifically for that property.

Is Landscaping Covered by a Homeowner’s Policy?

A homeowner’s insurance policy primarily targets damages to the physical house itself. The rest of a person’s property, although incredibly valuable to them personally, won’t usually be covered by these insurance policies. Landscaping damages may be covered in the following cases, though:

  • If a tree or plant causes damage to a house, any removal costs for those damages may be covered under a homeowner’s policy
  • A part of a home’s insured value may, under certain policies, be put towards landscaping damages
  • Additional insurance may be purchased to cover particularly valuable natural features, such as old trees or rare flowers

After a person’s home and property is damaged, it should be investigated by a qualified professional. For landscaping damages, a professional should be able to estimate the value of lost trees or particularly expensive plants and flowers. If these landscaping features are insured, their value should be covered by that policy.

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