Causes of Electrical Fires in Homes

With the 280 fatalities and 1,000 injuries that electrical fires cause each year, statistics prove that these kinds of fires cause serious physical, emotional, and financial burdens. Electrical fires are started for a variety of reasons, whether it stems from the way wiring was installed to the way the homeowner utilizes the electrical system. No matter what the cause, electrical fires often occur very suddenly and can cause extensive damage in a matter of minutes to homes.

If your home was damaged by an electrical fire and your insurance company is underpaying or denying your claim, a Dallas insurance claim lawyer of Smith Kendall, PLLC, will work to help you get the payment you need. To speak with an experienced attorney today, contact our offices at 214-361-6124.

How Electrical Fires Begin

Electrical fires can begin for a number of different reasons. Typically an electrical fire can be traced back to the following issues:

  • Issues with fixed wiring in the home, such as old wiring and light switch and electrical outlet malfunction
  • Faulty electrical wiring in power cords
  • Faulty light fixtures and light bulbs
  • Misuse of electrical outlets, such as overloading circuits and running cords underneath carpet or rugs

Every year, approximately 26,100 electrical fires are caused by these problems, costing nearly $1 billion in total for Americans and untold physical and emotional suffering.

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These days, it can be difficult to get insurance companies to fulfill their responsibilities when your home is damaged by a fire or any other disaster and you deserve insurance to cover the expenses. A Dallas insurance claim attorney of Smith Kendall, PLLC, have years of experience helping clients who have had their legitimate claims denied or underpaid by their insurance companies. To learn more about how we may be able to help, contact our offices today at 214-361-6124.

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