3 Causes of House Fires

House fires happen every day in the United States. In 2009 alone, there were more than 377,000 house fires which collectively caused $7.8 billion in damage. House fires can be extremely destructive and may leave a family to cope with tens, or even hundreds of thousands of losses and damage. A  homeowner’s insurance policy can help to address many of the financial consequences of a fire. Regrettably, insurance companies do not always honor their obligations to policyholders when a claim is filed.

If your home has suffered extensive damage from a fire and you have homeowner’s insurance, you are entitled to receive benefits pursuant to the terms of your policy. A skilled and experienced attorney can help you to ensure that your insurer does not avoid its responsibility. Contact the Dallas insurance claim lawyers of Smith Kendall, PLLC, at 214-361-6124 today.

Causes of House Fires

There are many possible causes of a house fire. Three of the most common causes that can severely damage your home or property include:

  1. 1. Cooking – this is reportedly the leading cause of house fires in the United States accounting for 40 percent of all house fires. These fires typically happen when people leave the oven or stove unattended.
  2. 2. Electrical problems – can either be caused by lighting or electrical systems. They can also be triggered by faulty wiring or appliances.
  3. 3. Smoking –when a lit cigarette, pipe, or cigar comes into contact with flammable materials.

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If your home has suffered damage from a fire and your insurance company is acting in bad faith, contact the Dallas insurance lawyers of Smith Kendall, PLLC, by calling 214-361-6124 to schedule a free consultation.

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